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When little sister loses her job, big brother suggests she move in with his best friend who is recovering from war injuries at his home. Sparks fly when she finds him reading her diary of sexual fantasies.

In love with her father's best friend, Bella seduces him but is not ready for the consequences of their actions.

3-Getting Even with Mom.jpg

Out on the town, Katie Compton meets up with her mother's younger ex-boyfriend. They learn their connection is stronger than blood.

My Father's Best Friend #2.jpg

A one nighter ends with the couple learning their parents are engaged but find their connection too strong to ignore and continue their affair.

What happens when their parents find out?

Now available on Amazon, free in Kindle Unlimited

5-My Sister's Boyfriend.jpg

Overweight and shy little sister Jenna has crushed on Zach for years, but her beautiful and popular sister gets to him first. When the chance arises, will Jenna go after what she wants?

available on Amazon, free in Kindle Unlimited

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Corrupted by My Step-brother is so hot, Amazon banned the content.

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