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By Tris Blake: The Alpha-bet Series

When Emma receives a text, sexual in nature, from a phone number she doesn’t recognize, she’s sure it’s a wrong number. But the sexts continue until Emma is spilling her fantasies to her unknown text-pal. But will the anonymous sexting during work hours land her under the bus, or under the Boss?

Join Emma as she begins a journey of sexual discovery and fantasies fulfilled in the Alpha-bet Series. There is more in store for Emma, so stay tuned. A new chapter will be available on the 8th of each month for twelve months straight, covering the alphabet from B to M.


And if you haven’t already figured it out, this series revolves around a Billionaire Alpha-male, a strong but vulnerable southern gal, and deals with light BDSM as the series progresses.


From Rissa Krisly: My Truckin' Escapades Series

At twenty-eight, newly divorced and in a rut, Rissa Krisly quit her high-powered, high-paying job, sold her condo and purchased a Freightliner, and now goes by the moniker Gypsy Heart. She began driving cross-country as an unrestricted woman, taking her pleasure from whomever, and wherever she pleased — but mostly in the cab of her truck. After years of journaling, she’s now turned her traveling sexual escapades into a series of short stories that will hold you enthralled while squirming with desire.


From Darby Striker: The Forbidden Series

The Forbidden Series is now live by Darby Striker.

First up is

My Brother's Best Friend

followed by

My Father's Best Friend

Getting Even with Mom


and My Sister's Boyfriend is cumming soon...

This series delves into the forbidden, brother's best friend, father's best friend, step-brother...and more.

Corrupted by My Step-Brother

was set to release on December 15, 2018, but apparently, it's too hot for Amazon.

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From Tris Blake comes a new series

The Hung Up Series

The Hook Up - is now available

A hook-up turns into a kinky but committed relationship neither expected.

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